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• Last updated: November 6, 2015

The UGG® Modern Man [SPONSORED]

As we head into the best-smelling and most-attractive of the seasons, the good folks at UGG® want to help you get through it with their versatile, handsome Treadlite by UGG™ collection. Enter The UGG® Modern Man, in which your humble Kempt editors put together everything you need to make autumn a verb.

In this installation, we’re taking a closer look at the classic that will take you to the office, the bar and even the occasional haunted hayride: the oxford.



UGG® Craven Shoe

Each wardrobe requires a round-toe oxford shoe. The Craven is made with burnished leather and features a Treadlite by UGGâ„¢ outsole to add serious traction while keeping the shoe lightweight and flexible.

101315 Gitman

Gitman Vintage Japanese Herringbone Flannel

The flannel material will add warmth to a brisk day, and the subtle herringbone adds just enough texture to stand out from the maddening indigo crowd.

101315 Gant

Gant Rugger Winter Twill Chino Pants

These garment-dyed cotton chinos are in a thicker weight than what you wore over the summer and just heavy enough to fill the gap between now and wool season.

Remove pins - Make symetrical - smooth wrinkles - straiten bottom seam

Billy Reid Theo Flyer

If high autumn isn’t the opportune time to wear Italian-made, rust-colored suede jackets with shearling lining, then we don’t know what is.

101315 American Trench

American Trench Herringbone Socks in Superfine Merino

Loafer sock season: dead and gone. Merino sock season: just getting started.

101315 Club Monaco

Club Monaco Mixed Pattern Scarf

You’re reaching for your first fall scarf, which means you don’t need heavy-duty cashmere yet. Start with this wool blend, whose varying and uneven patterns will be a welcome change from an expected tartan.

101315 DS & Durga

D.S. & Durga Portable Fireplace

Some people are fortunate to live in mountain cabins with stone chimneys. For everyone else, there’s this “portable fireplace” in convenient scented-candle form.

101315 Prospectr Co

Prospector Co. Vetiver Sage Body Cleanser

This is a natural body wash imbued with the scents of “broken twigs,” “dampened soil” and “ceremonial burnings.” All of which seem right for fall. Or maybe just the first two.

101315 Ball and Buck

Ball and Buck Limited Edition Buck Folding Hunter, Heritage Walnut

You may soon find yourself in a seasonal gourd-carving situation. And when that time comes, you don’t want to be found wanting.