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• Last updated: July 28, 2016

Outfitted & Equipped: Snowed In

what to wear and do when snowed in snow day


This post is brought to you by Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack. Keep your holidays warm with a seasonal blend of apple cider liqueur. REMAIN A JOY TO THE WORLD. DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

When a blizzard blows into town, we all secretly hope for a revival of one of the greatest pleasures of youth: a full-on “snow day” where work is “canceled” because no one can make it to the office. Errands are out of the question too. You’ve got no choice but to spend a splendid lie-about day around the house, so you might as well make the most of it, hanging out with family, reading, watching movies, drinking hot beverages, and snacking on tasty victuals.

While being equipped for a day snowed in at home is pretty straightforward (favorite sweats, fun movies, cozy blankets, etc.), there are a few things that will take the day from average to epically cozy and relaxing.

Note: All items are curated and chosen by Art of Manliness, not Jack Daniel’s. 

1. The Drinking Vessel: Art of Manliness Mug. When you’re snowed in, you want something that will hold an ample volume of liquid and keep it warm for a while. Our hearty AoM mug meets both criteria. This 15oz vessel is thick-walled, and a joy to heft and drink from.

2. The Drink of Choice: Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack. This blend of Jack Daniel’s whiskey with apple cider liqueur is the perfect accompaniment for a day or night stuck inside. Just pour a few ounces of Winter Jack into your hearty mug, warm it up in the microwave, and enjoy a belly-warming beverage that tastes like the holidays.

3. The Snacking: Coleman Popper + Popcorn. There’s no better tasty treat on a snowy day than some freshly popped popcorn. Don’t take the pedestrian route and zap some in a bag though. Roast your kernels over some real flames with a fireplace popper. Then jazz up your flame-roasted popcorn with melted butter, salt, and any number of awesome seasonings. 

4. The Dog Warmers: Sorel Falcon Ridge Slippers. Especially when you live in a house with wood and tiled floors, good slippers are a necessity. This pair is made by Sorel, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product. They’re fluffy, but not so much so that your feet get too toasty. These slippers are an everyday wear, no doubt, but will be especially appreciated when you’re snowed in.

5. The Loungers: Grayers Sweatpants. These are not your ratty college sweatpants. Made with French terry and subtle ribbing, these pants aren’t only comfy as heck, but look rather good too. You can wear them around the house, and then out to the store once the streets finally clear.

6. The Hoodie: Flint and Tinder 10-Year Hoodie. Are you ready for a 10-year commitment? Because Flint and Tinder is. This zip-up is made with premium materials, and only gets softer with age and wear. Best of all, Flint and Tinder guarantees it for at least a decade, backing up the promise with free mending for that time period. The seams and stress points are specially reinforced, and the heavy-duty zipper feels like it will last a lifetime. I end up wearing this hoodie more days than not when the weather turns chilly.

7. The Surround Sound: VIZIO Sound Bar. Whatever your entertainment for the day may be – your favorite winter movies (see below) or a nice, relaxing Pandora station – you’ll want some oomph behind that sound rather than the tinny, low-quality vibrations typically built-in to your device. In my opinion, the sound bar is the way to go. They pack a big punch (because of the subwoofer), but with the ease and convenience of wireless bluetooth connectivity.

8. The Entertainment: Your Favorite Wintery Movies. When you’re snowed in, it’s nice to watch a movie that matches your surroundings. You’re stuck inside, so just embrace the snow and cold and watch a movie with a similar theme. A couple favorites are the musical classic Holiday Inn, starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, and of course, Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day. With any luck, though, your snow day won’t be repeated on an endless loop.

9. The Snuggler: Perf Woven Wool Blanket. When it’s cold outside, you need a nice big blanket to keep you and yours warm and toasty. Sure, you could just pile on sweaters, but why not take the excuse to cozy up under a blanket together? Wool is the way to go, and this one from Perf is sure to find a permanent home on your couch.

10. The Fuel: Firewood for the Fireplace. There’s no better heat source when snowed in than a crackling fireplace fire. Not only does it provide actual warmth, but also an unmatched ambiance when all you see outside is white. Add a fireplace fire to all the things above, and you’ve taken your snowed-in day up a notch. Also be sure to learn how to make your fire in a way that won’t smoke you out!