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• Last updated: October 1, 2015

10% Off Classic & Affordable MVMT Watches [SPONSORED]

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Buying a watch can be a confusing and stressful endeavor. Which type do you get? What bells and whistles do you need? How much do you need to spend to get a quality piece? How many do I need for life’s various occasions?

Enter MVMT Watches. They’re minimalist, stylish, and perhaps best of all, start at under $100.

The minimalist, but sharp style means your watch looks at home whether you’re in the boardroom, out on the town with your favorite gal, or tailgating with friends on the weekend. It’s guaranteed to fit any occasion.

Worried about bells and whistles and choosing just the right features? No need to be. You have two choices with MVMT: standard and chrono. Just need to tell the time and know the date? The standard is the way to go. If you want a step up, the chrono varieties feature 60-second, 30-minute, and 24-hour hands. And that’s it. No moon phases. No 25-year calendar. It’s a handsome, functional watch stripped to the essentials.

What about quality? For that price, can you be sure you’re getting something that will last? Just look at the materials and rest assured. The buckles are stainless steel, the hands are gun metal, and the casings are either stainless steel or hardened mineral crystal (or both!).

Okay, so you’re getting the picture that it’s a quality timepiece. But now you’re wondering why on earth the pricetag isn’t significantly higher. It’s a simple equation, really. With most watches, it’s: Build Product + Wholesale Cost + Marketing Budget + Retail Markup = Spendy Watch.

With MVMT, the math is much simpler: Build Product + Crowdfunded + Organic Growth via

Social Media + Direct Sales Online = Affordable Watch.

Don’t spend hours searching for just the right watch that looks good, performs like a champ, and fits your budget. The MVMT revolution has arrived. Pick one up at

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